Couples who are considering divorce in Arizona should research their options in regard to divorce proceedings. Those who want to avoid the stress and expense of court litigation may want to consider mediation. While it is not the best option for every couple, it can be a more peaceful way to divide assets, debt and parenting responsibilities.

The California Courts explain that mediation consists of an impartial third party helping each spouse come to amicable agreements about important issues. The mediator has the training and experience to guide the couple through disputes so both spouses can eventually agree to the terms of the decisions. In the event a mutual agreement cannot be decided upon, the couple will need to move on to trial instead.

According to Money Crashers, mediation is a good choice for couples who communicate decently and do not have a complex situation. Not only does mediation cost less than court proceedings do, but it usually shortens the divorce process and reduces animosity towards each other.

There are, however, some situations in which mediation may not be the best path. Both spouses must be willing to honestly and openly communicate as well as produce all financial information. If one spouse does not trust the other, court litigation may be a better choice.

Experts do not recommend mediation in cases of emotional or physical abuse due to safety issues. It is also not a good idea to go through mediation if addiction is a problem, as it can skew judgment and lead to an unfair agreement.