During the course of operating a business in Arizona, managers, employees or owners may encounter disputes. Such times can serve as roadblocks to fulfilling a company’s potential and employee satisfaction.

The Enterprise Center at Salem State University provides insight into the benefits of business mediation. Bringing in a third party may better ensure no one feels overlooked or taken advantage of.

Saving time

One of the best things about mediation is that it can save an abundance of time. Mediators can articulate what all parties want and communicate those needs in a way everyone understands, as noted by AllBusiness.com. By going to court, the process can take longer than anyone likes.

More control

The judge has the final decision when a dispute goes all the way to court. While one party may get what they desire, another party could feel cheated. Such bad blood can dissolve an advantageous partnership or professional relationship. With mediation, everyone feels more of a sense of control (and fairness) over the outcome.

Keep things behind closed doors

Some business dealings are better kept confidential away from the eyes and ears of the public. Business reputations and customer/client relations can be safeguarded with the help of mediation. Public speculation and media involvement may twist the truth or blow a situation out of proportion.

Save money

While legal professionals may have a better idea of the laws and regulations governing disputes, their services do not always come cheap. By working with a mediator, business owners have a chance to save money, which they can then funnel back into their business.

Civil rules may leave disputing parties feeling as if they have tied hands. Mediators can shatter those chains and pave the way to a fair resolution.