While the law in Arizona says drivers need to carry auto insurance, that does not mean that every driver will obey. If every person followed all the laws, then society would be a lot more pleasant, but that just does not happen. Thus, there are drivers out there on the roads who have no insurance coverage. If you get into an accident with one of these drivers, what will happen? Who will pay for the damages?

How Stuff Works explains what happens after an accident with an uninsured driver may depend on your own insurance coverage. Since Arizona is an at-fault state, the other person is liable if he or she caused the accident. However, when the other person does not have insurance, your own policy may cover the damages, that is, if you have uninsured motorist coverage as part of your policy. You are not required by law to have this coverage. You have to choose to add it to your policy, so you may not have it.

If you have comprehensive and collision as part of your policy, your insurance company may also pay for your damages. The insurance company would then go after the other party to pay it back. Again, though, this type of coverage is not required by law.

If you only have the minimum coverage required by law, then you are probably on your own. You can take the other person to court and try to sue them for damages. This might work in some cases, but if the other person could not afford to pay for insurance, then he or she probably will not have the money or assets to pay for your damages. In a situation like that, you end up having to foot the bill for an uninsured driver. This information is for education and is not legal advice.