One of the biggest casualties of an Arizona divorce is the former life of the children. As they adjust to a new normal and find ways to cope without seeing both parents every day, they may experience a temporary sense of emotional upheaval. Parents who get along and want the best for their children can help with this situation. If your child is used to living in one home with both parents and will now be splitting time between the two, gives some tips for how to make the best of it.

First, always let your children be involved in the decorating or furnishing. They may feel as if their lives are out of their control and it helps to be involved in some of the decision making, even if it is something as simple as a paint color or new sheets.

Second, make your new home familiar to them. A complete change can throw them off but adding familiar belongings can make it easier to adjust. If your child has a special blanket or stuffed animal at one home, find the same thing for the second home. Some parents allow children to have a bag of special objects that go with them from one house to another.

Third, avoid competition between you and your ex. It may be harder for the parent who stays in the original home to hear all about the new bedrooms or yard or friends in the second home. Parents should remember that the process is about making the kids comfortable rather than determining who can provide more for the kids.

Finally, parents can work together with dual calendars. Discipline and schedules should stay the same at both houses. Allow your children to know when they will be with which parent and do your best to keep everything consistent at both homes.

This is intended for educational purposes and should not be interpreted as legal advice.