You have a great relationship with your aging parent, and you both live in Arizona. Your mother or father is at an age where she or he may need to move into a nursing home, but you feel comfortable adding another member to your household.

To better ensure the transition goes smoothly for everyone involved, AARP offers some tips. Know what considerations and questions go into making the best decision for everyone in your household.

Personal considerations 

If you have not yet approached your parent about moving, you need to have a conversation with yourself. How will the move likely impact your household and family dynamic? Are there issues or any bad blood that could become an issue if your mom or dad moves in? There could be additional expenses that come with adding an elderly person to your household, so be sure to consider that, too.

Parental considerations 

While discussing the matter with your parent, be sure to put a few questions on the table for your mom or dad to mull over. For instance, your parent may live close to activities, attractions, friends and the like, and moving may take him or her away from those. Make sure your aging parent gets along well with your spouse, kids and even the family pet. Also, you may need to renovate or remodel your home to accommodate physical limitations, such as wheelchair use or using pull bars in the bathroom. Such renovations cost money.

Family considerations 

Of course, you need to talk about your decision with your family. Let your children know about grandma or granddad moving in and how it may impact their lives. Your spouse may have concerns or worries that you both need to discuss before your parent moves in.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.