Arizona residents who suffer from traumatic brain injury (TBI) often have complex symptoms. These injuries affect you physically, mentally and emotionally. But did you know that TBIs can also impact your personality? Today we will view some of the most common personality-related changes TBI sufferers face. 

Increased impulsiveness is one of the biggest personality changes that TBI sufferers note. This change usually stems from damage to the frontal cortex. This area of the brain is responsible for curbing your knee-jerk reactions. When damaged, you find it harder to resist doing things without thinking them through. This can lead to poor decision making. It can also cause you to say things you regret, as you have a weaker filter. 

TBI sufferers can also deal with increased levels of aggression, agitation and irritability. This is due in part to the injured area of the brain. People with lowered inhibition also tend to have less control over their feelings. This can lead to lashing out at loved ones and having a lower threshold for irritants. This snappish and angry behavior can be disturbing for your loved ones to experience. No one likes to see someone close to them change for the worse. 

Some of these changes will ease as the brain heals. Others may stick around and require active therapy to help mitigate. Regardless, treatment is part of recovery. If you want to keep reading about traumatic brain injuries and their possible impacts, please follow the link here. You can take a deeper look into treatment options and their success rates, among other things.