It can be difficult to think about guardianship in terms of your parents. As parents age, there may be circumstances where they need a legal guardian. The children often settle and decide on what is in the best interest of the parent. If you are worried about your parent or if your parent needs admittance into an Arizona nursing home, it may be time to think about guardianship. Below, you will find a few warning signs that it is time to petition for guardianship. 

Forbes suggests that one reason that you may have to consider guardianship is when your parent’s decision-making skills. In some instances, your parent may still have some faculties and ability to make certain decisions in his or her life. Courts may recognize this and grant limited guardianship for you to make decisions that your parent struggles with making. 

In addition, if your parent’s health is suffering and you need to protect his or her health, you may need guardianship. This occurs often when a parent cannot consent to medical treatment because he or she does not understand the extent of the treatment. Now, if your parent requires a nursing home or assisted care facility, you may have to gain guardianship to help the move occur. Some parents may disagree, despite it being in their best interests. 

If your parent cannot comprehend contracts or if you worry that he or she will sign any form put in front of him or her, it may be time to petition for guardianship, to protect him or her from signing the wrong contracts. 

The above information describes reasons why you may petition for guardianship of a parent. It is not legal advice.