Arizona officers often patrol the roads in a bid to keep drivers safe. They pull over people during DUI checks. In these checks, they ensure that all drivers clear their sobriety tests. So what happens if you do not? 

Today we will look at a potential future scenario in which officers convict you of a DUI. We will see how that may affect your future. We will examine the longevity of the consequences you face. 

Long-term DUI conviction impacts 

VeryWell Mind looks at some of the things that may happen if you are convicted of DUI related charges. Many people are familiar with the short-term consequences. This includes time in jail, court fees and a fine. Other short-term impacts include a period of probation. You may also need to complete a class or go to a school focused on drunk driver safety. 

While these short-term impacts still alter your life, they are short-term for a reason. They do not affect you for long. So what of the longer term consequences? Are there any? If so, what impact do they have on your daily life? 

Short-term DUI conviction impacts 

In truth, their impact has the potential to be enormous. For example, having a DUI on record may prevent you from finding housing. Landlords have access to your criminal history. They may turn you down as an applicant because your record is not clean. This is less likely than an employer turning you down, though. Employers also have access to your records. Anti-discriminatory laws attempt to ensure that people with convictions have a fair chance. Unfortunately, employers and landlords still tend to favor people without any convictions. 

If you try to get a scholarship, these organizations may turn you down. Even if they do not, they may de-prioritize you. Some colleges outright refuse applicants with DUI convictions. This all has a huge impact on a person’s life.