When you first consider options for nursing homes, it may be overwhelming at first glance to know what is a comfortable, long-term place to live. 

By looking at the layout, staff, and other elements of these homes, you can make the best choice possible. 

Personal preference  

According to the Mayo Clinic, it is important to know how much care you need daily. This involves showering, bathroom use, medical help, and other common tasks. 

Knowing your necessary requirements for a home helps you narrow down the choices greatly, due to both health and lifestyle preference. This also includes how many other residents you want near you or whether you would prefer a common area to relax in. 

Rules and guidelines 

After narrowing down your choices, look carefully at each institution’s rules and daily structure. Knowing more about whether visitors can arrive all hours of the day or when the common time to be in bed is can help you pick a place that fits your lifestyle. 

In addition, make sure to look around the building itself. Seeing if the floors and rooms are clean and up to date with building code can help tell you whether you want to live there or not. Checking the variety of activities offered in each place, including the social and religious events, also can help you decide. 


Talk one-on-one with people who work at the facility. You may gain insight into how a normal day goes, including what level of care the staff gives to each resident. If you feel comfortable, include your family or friends on your tour so that you can discuss any opinions afterwards.