Overcoming Today’s Obstacles
For A Better Tomorrow

Guiding Your Family Through Difficult Situations


Matters involving your family are of the utmost importance. When your family is going through a point of transition, you may feel emotional and uncertain of what steps to take. You do not have to navigate the complicated family law processes alone.

At Padish Law Group, PLLC, we truly care about your goals. As your attorneys, we will take the time to listen to your needs and propose solutions that are tailored to your unique family situation.


Offering Comprehensive Family Law Solutions

When you work with us, you are partnering with a skilled team of former judges and certified mediators that will help you find a solution using the best method for your situation. We have decades of experience helping Arizona families find a positive way forward during complicated times of change.

We can help you with all family law matters, and our approach includes:

  • Utilizing alternative divorce processes to avoid a drawn-out courtroom battle
  • Offering mediation services for families who wish to collaborate in order to find the best solution
  • Creating or modifying child custody and financial support arrangements that protect the best interests of the child
  • Crafting pre- and postmarital documents to guard property, inheritance, businesses or assets if the marriage ends
  • Discussing plans for guardianships, the emancipation of minors, adoption or cohabitation rights that protect your loved ones
  • Taking action against criminal behavior for victims of domestic violence and child abuse
  • Aiding grandparents in their pursuit of custody matters.
  • Helping professionals and business owners with property division and asset matters.

As a premier boutique firm dedicated to positive results, our attorneys prioritize giving personal attention to every client. We will thoughtfully guide you through all of your resolution options to do what we do best: put families first.

We work closely with a team of accountants and vocational experts to trace accounts, evaluate property and protect your financial investments and stability throughout divorce and separation.

Work With Us To Find The Best Solution For Your Family

The best way for our attorneys to understand your family’s unique circumstances is to set up a consultation. You can request an appointment online or call us at 480-422-4501. We proudly serve our community from our Scottsdale office.